BW Greenhouse® has been an industry leader in greenhouse manufacturing since 1980. We produce only the highest quality products with strict attention to detail.

Soon BW Global will allow you to calculate the cost and budget you want for your greenhouse. In the comfort of your home or office.

By answering a few key questions, we can determine your structural type, system requirements, and the approximate cost. Then we will ask you to call in to complete the transaction.

Our premium classic BW FREESTANDING 12 X 20 ft greenhouse covered in Poly with door - ready to ship in 3 days manufactured in Canada, comes complete for $3,000 including the BW guarantee.

"We will make your greenhouse withstand the test of time and functionality, to help you create the highest yeilds."

At any time or for custom designs talk to us direct. We have always believed in personalized service at all times. We regulary do on site visists - call us to request a visit.

So for now Contact BW Global Today! 1.604.856.1303 We will walk with you together


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