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BW EXTREME Greenhouses...

In the past few years, BW GLOBAL has been challenged by a number of clients to push the limit of traditional Greenhouse design and construction. In response, BW GLOBAL designed and delivered an unheated BW FREESTANDING Greenhouse that had a 125 lbs per sq ft rating.

Also, BW GLOBAL has been researching the use of different resins and different configurations of polycarbonate and polyethylene to capture more heat in winter, reflect more infrared in the summer and to increase the R-value of these coverings.

When faced with conditions that range from -40°C (F) to +40°C (102°F), you have to be creative and think differently. But these EXTREME heating and cooling situations can be met efficiently by applying off the shelf technology from other industries.

It is no wonder why a number of our clients tell us we have the strongest Greenhouses on the market and approach challenges in unique yet robust ways.

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