BW Greenhouse® supply both polycarbonate and polyethylene protective covering products for all our Greenhouses or alternatively for re-covering your existing one.

  • Polyethylene COVERINGS


    Advances in resin technology has also impacted the
    polyethylene (or poly) world. Selective light transmission, infrared technology and unprecedented levels of light diffusion have come to the market.

    Many people, including people who have been in the greenhouse world, believe "plastic is plastic and the cheaper I can get it the better". While it is always good to get a good price on something, there is something to be said for quality and performance. Many of our clients have come to trust Polyar Ag film's poly because on installation it does not teas easily as some of the other polys and unlike other poly film manufacteurs that have NO Warranty on their AC layer, Poly-Ag. has three year warranty under normal conditions, on our anti-condensant properties, which are known to be the best in the industry, a fact acknowledged by other competitors.

    BW Greenhouse® sells mainly two different kinds of Poly-Ag film: SunView Therm AC | IR | 30% diffusion (6mil Clear and White) and SunView 4 (6mil Clear).

    SunView 4 (6mil Clear)...

    SunView® SunView 4 is a super clear, super tough, high diffusion, long-life product that provides the best value in a 6-mil, with a 4-year greenhouse warranty. We buy in Master Rolls meaning we can cut to any length unlike others.


    Outstanding light transmission, haze, and clarity ratings help optimize yield in greenhouse applications.

    A unique manufacturing process provides Poly-Ag Corp. films with superior tear strength, especially in the critical direction along the roll (MD or “machine direction” in the specifications on the reverse). That means more resistance to performance-crippling lengthwise tear propagation in your greenhouse or bed covering.

    High strength at folds reduces the likelihood of punctures and tears, e.g. where a folded area chafes against the building framework. In any film, weaknesses can occur where the polymer strands are bent at a fold. Increased fold strength minimizes performance issues at these key areas.

    Advanced UV protection.

    *When compared to previous generations of greenhouse films.

    SunView Therm AC | IR | 30% diffusion (6mil Clear and White)... - Durability Plus 3 year warranty Anti Condensation Control ...

    SunView Therm® SunView Therm combines outstanding thermal qualities and exceptional condensation control properties in one revolutionary, diffused greenhouse film. The modified outer layer of the film safeguards condensation control integrity by providing directionality. Plus the only 3 year warranty on our Anti-Condensate layer.

    SunView Therm is guaranteed to withstand 48 months or 4 years of UV exposure under normal circumstances and three years in Anti Condensate layer.


    Outstanding thermal properties keep the heat in by reducing radiant heat loss. Heaters cycle less often and consume less energy to maintain a set temperature, a combination that offers potential energy savings of 15-20%.

    Directional condensation control ensures the additive migrates to the surface facing the crop. This not only controls drips but maintains light transmission and enhances thermal benefit.

    Diffused light reaches plants from many different angles while par light transmission remains the same, optimizing light distribution in all parts of the greenhouse.

    Diffusion helps protect plants from sunburn. Light is even, not intense.

    High strength at folds means higher resistance to punctures and tears.

    Improved tear and stiffness provide superior strength so Poly Ag Sunview Therm handles years of snow and wind loads.

    Increased film stiffness makes the film easier to install in greenhouse applications.

    Research shows that a properly inflated double poly-covered greenhouse can save the grower over 40% in heating costs compared to a single layer of glazing. What is less well known is that using a thermal film as one of the layers can result in an additional 15-20% heating cost saving.

    During the day, the greenhouse structure, plants and soil heat up due to both visible and infrared light from the sun. At night, heat is released in the form of long-wavelength infrared radiation (IR) to the cooler outside air. Thermal films absorb significantly more IR so there is less transmission of radiant heat.

    Thermicity is a measure of the transmission of IR through a film. The lower the thermicity, the lower the transmission of IR and the lower the heat loss. An effective condensation control additive into Poly Ag. SunView Therm leads condensing water to spread out into a uniform sheet on the interior surface of the film. This thin sheet of water also absorbs in the long-wavelength IR region, meaning it acts as an additional barrier to radiant heat, i.e. enhances thermicity.