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BW Greenhouse provides flexibility in offering a number of different options to suit your location and crop needs as well as your budget.


Every BW Greenhouse needs some form of ventilation.

Some growers want passive ventilation; others want fans; and some want a combination of both. Depending on what is to be achieved will determine what kind of ventilation is needed and where it is needed. Passive ventilation up high on a roof vents heat but little humidity; roll-up side near the ground vent more humidity. We can discuss your specific needs and recommend a solution that fits your crop and your budget.


We have been told that we have the best doors in the business. We pre-assemble our aluminum-framed doors and provide a superior quality steel header and door hardware. This ensures years of trouble service.

Our doors range from 3' x 7' single slider to 10' x 14' double sliders. The door material can be single poly, Dynaglas or Twin-Wall.

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