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Large scale growing operations are becoming increasingly important in the efficient, economical and safe production of food. BW GLOBAL® can build a BW GUTTER Greenhouse to suit your crop - whether it be horticulture, aquaculture and aquaponics based - as well as your property.

BW GLOBAL does not use glass in any of its Greenhouses.
The reasons for this are numerous. Glass;

has no light spectrum control
has no moisture (condensation) control
has no thermal properties in its monolithic form
is glazed with aluminum glazing bars which conduct heat very well
thereby losing heat even faster from the Greenhouse
has no inherent light diffusion properties
can only achieve about 70% light diffusion before suffering from an
internal prismatic effect which dramatically reduces light transmission
is heavy and difficult (dangerous) to install
breaks even in its toughened form
is expensive when tempered

BW GLOBAL has partnered with a world-class polycarbonate producer
Palram to offer polycarbonate coverings that;

filter Infrared radiation and achieve extremely high levels of PAR light
(photosynthetically active radiation)
have moisture (condensation) control built into the material
has impressive thermal qualities depending on its form
(TwinWall or TripleWall multi-cellular design)
is glazed with polycarbonate material that substantially decreases the heat transmission
offers the highest diffusion to light transmission ratio on the market (95 haze)
is light and safe and cannot break (it has a hail guarantee)
has a useful life of over 20 years

For a less expensive polyethylene coverings with many of the same characteristics, BW GLOBAL has partnered with AT Films. BW GUTTER Greenhouses also use domestic Gatorshield® 50/55 steel that has a yield strength of 50ksi and is highly corrosion resistant (2000 hour salt spray). Unlike hot-dipped galvanized steel which have yield strengths of only 32-36ksi, Gatorshield® gives our clients the peace of mind that the best and strongest steel has been used in their Greenhouse. {Click here to learn more about Gatorshield steel}.

Another aspect of the steel that goes into a BW GUTTER Greenhouse is the profile of the steel tubing used. BW GUTTER Greenhouse arches are made from rectangle shapes only. These rectangle arches are stronger, contain more steel on a dimension by dimension basis and much more torsionally rigid than either round or oval arches.

Another notable feature of BW GUTTER Greenhouses is the use of a Gothic Arch shape to the bays. A Gothic Arch is important to help manage both snow loads by creating an initial condition that naturally sheds the snow. A round roof presents more of a flat area for snow to accumulate, thereby increasing the risk of a loading failure not to mention the reduction in light from the snow on the roof.

On the inside, a round arch will collect more condensation over a wider area at the peak, which can lead to a number of crop issues. On the other hand, Gothic Arches present less area for condensation to accumulate and can manage internal moisture much better than a round arch would. For these reasons, BW GLOBAL has discontinued the use of round roof shapes in its Greenhouses.

Currently, BW GLOBAL offers standard bay sizes of 21' - 27'6" wide.

Over the last two years, BW GLOBAL has been developing a revolutionary Gothic Arch, BW GUTTER Greenhouse design that will take full advantage of the superior strength of our steel frames and the advanced technology of a new generation of polyethylene and polycarbonate coverings. Currently, this design is being rolled out to select clients and will be rolled out to the general market in the following months.

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