BW Greenhouse® has everything that you need to build, repair or modify your Greenhouse. We use only the best materials from the best suppliers and bring them to you at the best price.


The most important part of any Greenhouse to plants is the covering. This is the medium through which sunlight passes in order to initiate and sustain photosynthesis. This process is the engine room of any plant.

Coverings are fundamental in establishing light transmission, light diffusion, spectrum control, thermal properties and moisture control. BW Greenhouse uses and sells only world-class coverings for their Greenhouses. Advancements in polycarbonate and polyethylene formulation is driving the next generation of products. BW GLOBAL has partnered with world-class companies in order to bring you the best coverings that drive the highest yields.

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BW Greenhouse accessories can make life easier and your Greenhouse more productive. Heating and air circulation equipment are just some of the accessories that BW Greenhouse carries to help modify your Controlled-Enviroment Growing structure.

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BW Greenhouse PARTS

BW Greenhouse can supply any Greenhouse grower with pieces and parts to add to, modify or change their Greenhouse. From arches to gutters to self-drilling / self-tapping screws to poly lock & clip to secure a variety of coverings, we have it in stock. Anything you need, just ask. Our new catalogue will be completed shortly. Until then, please call us - we are happy to help.

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